I’ve spent the last few years in Port Elizabeth as a car guard but I am retired now and my kids wanted me to be near them so I’ve moved here to Lichtenburg. I am renovating a garage at their house to live in. It’s very expensive and has already cost me R7000! I’ve met my grandchild now for the first time and I am very happy about that, I love her dearly!

I am very proud of what I do, basically, it’s all I’ve ever done. I run my service honestly and by the book. One has to live by the law and I am fully registered as a security guard, unlike most other car guards. When I come to work I am always neatly dressed. I spoke to the owner of this building and I am the permanent and only guard here. I don’t want to work with anyone else, it just causes problems. In P.E. I was assaulted three times and every time my bones were broken, once my arm was broken in three places. I build a relationship with my clients and when I left P.E. they were all crying.

I had a wife once, I really loved her and I still do but she ran away one night and I’ve never seen her since. I have come to terms with it, though I often think of her. I know where she is now but I don’t have the heart to go there …

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