There once was a very unhappy wall, I decided to change that …

I noticed that Boom Street in our town Parys looked atrocious. It’s a busy street and one that most tourists to our town use at some point as it follows the flow of Vaal River, which is a huge attraction to our town. There is a 100-meter long concrete wall which was in desperate need of a coat of paint. Also, the pavement had become a garbage dump. I could immediately see the vast difference a splash of colour would make, and I approached the municipality for permission which was granted.

I approached sponsors to donate funds to buy the paint required and put out a call for help on Facebook for volunteers to come and paint the wall. In the meantime, I cleaned the site which took eight weeks, and we filled 80 large garbage bags to complete the cleanup.

With the help of the Parys Voortrekkers (scouts), we planned a big community paint day. Many volunteers came to help, and we managed to paint the wall in a matter of hours which was amazing as it was 200 square meters that had to be covered with paint. The day was a huge success, and I offer a massive shout out to the Parys Voortrekkers for their incredible spirit and enormous turnout. Also a big thank you to Epilepsy SA and the Kasi Lion Community Initiative from Vredefort for sending helpers. Thanks to everyone else who pitched up on the day. It was incredible to be part of this event where black and white worked side by side, all volunteers giving their time to beautify their town. Their support humbles me.

And lastly a massive shout out to all the sponsors:

Main Sponsors: Botes Sand, Pula Build-It, Kleynex Trading Solutions, Deon TerBlanche Photography.

Guesthouses: Waterfront Guesthouse, Silver Linings, Hospitality Hive, The French Affaire, Rus & Vrede on Vaal, Eljes Cottage, Egweni River Lodge, Le Grand Chateau, Woodlands Country Lodge, Boom 69.

Businesses: La Vie En Rose, Granny’s Pies, Anything Beautiful, Fantazia Cookies, Mica Hardware, Koepel Verpakking, La Oma Butchery, L. Design, Platteland, Stephanie Heathcote Physiotherapy, Marsela Designs, The Garden, National Roadhouse, Just Property, Route 59 Cafe, Parys Museum, Signseeker, Lewis Balink Foundation, O’s Restaurant, G&A Installations & Maintenance, Schwim’s Apteek, Epilepsy SA, Spur.

Individuals: Tertia Banks, Leida Schuman, Jan & Coral Fourie, Mandy Mundell, Claudia Steyn, Wimpie de Kock, Emil Trautman, Hes Snyders, Lisa de Speville, Willie Olivier, Gary & Amanda, Linda Henning and Anne-marie du Toit.

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